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Yoga Postures – Yogic Food


Our food is very much important in shaping the quality of our thoughts. Yoga system strongly believes and advocates that our mental development and spiritual state is linked with the food we consume. So there are theories in Yoga system and Ayurved, the ancient system of healing, narrating how the purity of diet helps us becoming peaceful and spiritually aware.

When you are practicing Yoga Asanas, you have decided to have all the benefits available by doing so. Therefore your diet should be devised in such a way that it augments the benefits of yoga practices. The composition of diet should be balanced and the quality vegetarian, as yoga denies any kind of violence. The food arrived through the process of killing another souls on the earth could not help our wellness, that is what yoga believes. 

  Here is some information about the vegetarian food that would make our body and mind balanced.

The vegetables of all the kinds (except onion and garlic) and the sweet fruits are essential.
Grain like wheat, rice and oats must be used, especially not in very much powdered form.
Cereals and all types of milk products; and the natural sugar taken in form of Honey and sweet fruit would be better.
It would be advisable not to consume non-vegetarian food like meat and seafood.
Lesser intake of fried and intensely boiled food should be avoided.
If it is possible, take only the natural substances in your diet and avoid unnatural items like processed food and artificial colours.
These are general guide lines; you can devise your own plate according to your choice and availability.

If you are troubled by some diseases, you should plan your diet according to your doctor’s advice. For learning about yoga postures you may visit following links. CURATIVE YOGA POSTURES

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