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Yoga Poses for Travelers


Busy schedules, traveling, jetlags, etc., different problems one solution- YOGA. When we say yoga it is not just meditation, it is a kind of exercise that relieves your body muscles, strengthens your bones and makes your immune system strong increasing your resistance power to diseases. There are certain yoga poses or asanas as we say that will help you be prepared for the jet lag, muscle strain, etc. If you are in a similar situation then here are some yoga poses for travelers that every traveler must know. These yoga poses for travelers are taught at many yoga retreats and meditation retreats.

To understand why these yoga poses are necessary for any traveler we first need to understand what problems does one face while traveling via air.

The problems one might face are:

· Muscle cramps

· Sitting in one position at one place affects blood circulation

· Metabolism process is affected

· Air circulated inside the air, bus or train leads to dehydration

To stay away from all these troubles there are certain poses of Yoga that you should know if you need to travel by air, train or bus.

Yoga poses for travelers:

Viparita Karani: Legs up with wall support

As per the theory, this pose of yoga delays and ends the effects of old age. It relieves one of anxiety, depression, insomnia, calms the mind and reduces the cramps in muscles.

  •  Place a bolster or mattress on the floor adjacent to a wall.
  • Rest on this mattress with your back straight touching the floor and the legs straight up with the support of the wall.
  •  The back should not bend and your hands should be stretched wide open.

Sethu Bandha Sarvangasana: Bridge Pose

This is best for people with high blood pressure. It relaxes the muscles of neck and chest.

  •  Place a mattress on the floor. Lie down on the mattress with your feet touching the floor and the keep your knees bend.
  •  Place your arms straight along your body. Pressuring your feet and arms, lift your hips.
  •  While doing this the neck and shoulder should stay touched to the ground along with your hands and feet also touching the ground. This leads to a bridge formation pose, hence the name.

Parivrtta Sukhasana:  Easy pose with a twist

  •  This pose helps stretch the legs, back, knees and ankles.
  •  For this sit upright with your legs crossed. Keeping your back upright, rest your one palm on the floor and turn backward.
  • While doing this your legs should not move, they should be placed in the front direction. Try turning backward as much as you can.

Paschimanattasana: Seated Forward Fold

Forward bend as we know it reduces fatigue and stress. It helps stretch the spine and shoulder muscles. It also proves useful in infertility and high blood pressure. However, if you have any back injury you should never practice this pose.

  • Sit straight with your legs in front of you joint together.
  • Do not let your knees fold and try touching your feet with your hand. After getting used to this pose, at later stages you need to hold your feet with your hand and bend forward completely with your head facing down to your legs.


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