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One of the great things about learning yoga is you just need the desire to learn, you do not need tonnes of accessories to begin yoga so there is nothing stopping anyone from getting started with their yoga journey. You can buy lots of accessories for Yoga but you do not need them, the one thing I would recommend though is get you a yoga mat. You can use your yoga mat for all sorts of different exercises but for yoga, it really helps in many ways.

Check out a several yoga related stores for a  great range of yoga mats. These are probably the most popular of all yoga equipment available. Good yoga mats improve balance and co-ordination, enabling greater stability when adopting any number of yoga poses.

The yoga mat should be non slip for fast paced exercises and above all, comfortable and durable.

Yoga is practiced on the floor and some of the poses need you to exert careful balance, this is what will help refine and stretch your muscles and helps you to become more flexible and fitter over time. Working on the floor, we often find ourselves on a hard surface; a yoga mat provides essential cushioning and also increases your ability to grip as most yoga is done in bare feet. A yoga mat is therefore something that can assist not only your exercise but provide you with an element of safety during your yoga sessions.

There are a lot of different yoga mats to choose from, for someone starting yoga this can be quite puzzling to know which yoga mat is the best one to choose and which yoga mat will most suit you.

A good starting point is that your yoga mat is integral to your yoga routine so it is about much more than just the overall appearance of the yoga mat.  There are hundreds of different types of yoga mat available and really, to make a selection stems from what type of yoga it is that your practice.

The yoga mat needs to be the right size for you; this means when you are practicing yoga that the yoga mats allows you to work effectively your entire body. We are all different shapes and sizes and so are the commercially available yoga mats. As well as size, you need to have a look at the yoga mat in terms of stability. A good yoga mat can almost “stick” to a hard floor and this provides great support as you move through the positions. This means that you can focus on your form without worrying about losing your footing and possible gaining an injury. Do not be afraid to try out a yoga mat or pay attention to the information on the yoga mat site concerning any mentions of stability. Yoga Mats that are supportive or “sticky” can be used for any type of yoga.

Yoga Mats can also come in varying thicknesses, again, think about your comfort levels, thicker mats can offer greater support for floor exercises though remember they do tend to be heavier than their thinner counterparts and these yoga mats may well come with their own carry strap or bag.

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