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Yoga Hotels And Its Benefits


Over the last few decades, we are pretty much hearing the term ‘yoga’ everyday. Everyone seems to be practicing it nowadays. However practising of yoga is not something new. It has been an age old practice for over 3000 years. It is an Eastern philosophy that originated in India. Not only can you practize yoga in gym centers you can also attend its classes in 5 star luxury hotels. In today’s world a large number of hotels in world are having the facility of yoga. So, if you want a rejuvenating and refreshing vacation you can opt to stay in yoga hotels.

Bhutan yoga hotels are very much preferred by world-wide tourists. Tourists from all over the world book their accommodation in these places when touring Bhutan. Yoga has in fact turned out to be a growing amenity in the accommodation places of Bhutan. In addition to fitness centers and wi-fi facilities, most of the places of stay are adding yoga to their list of amenity.  It has become a must-have amenity in the luxury accommodation options in Bhutan.

There is a financial reason for the travel and tourism industry to have been quickly adapting this trend.

In fact with this yoga and meditation classes gaining popularity the hotels and resorts are having huge profits. This is one of the main reasons why yoga and meditation classes are held in these huge properties. Here the yoga teachers come for taking classes daily. The classes are held in accordance with the requirements of the attendeeds. Group classes are also held all through the year.

The teachers very well know how to combine and nurturte the postures to enhance the well being of an individual. The yoga classes basically arouse the body and mind of an individual leaving him refreshed and relaxed for the day. Moreover the the refreshing meditation classes and breathing pactices in a yoga hotel can leave an individual completely relaxed. There are even many people who wishes to boost up their concentration level and determination power by attending these classes in the hotel.

A yoga class in Zhiwa Ling Paro can benefit an individual in several ways. Not only can he increase his flexibility and strengthen his muscles, he can also increase his concentration level and help hos body and mind to relax. Brain cells get nourished and stimulated, endocrine and nervius systems as well as internal orans get toned, balanced and rejuvenated after attending meditation and yoga classes daily in the hotel. However, all these coulsn’t have happened smoothly if the interiro designing of the rooms where yoga classes are held would not have been in a serene and tranquil ambience.

The Zhiwa Ling hotel is considered to have one of the best accommodation facilities in Bhutan. It has 45 rooms and combines the sensibilities of a Bhutanese guesthouse with best of twentyfirst century technology. Once you enter the property you can see the masterful stonework and hand-carved wooden cornices coexiting beautifully with Swiss under-floor heating and cutting edge communication systems.

If you are planning to tour Bhutan and stay in a yoga hotel, log on to http://www.zhiwaling.com/. This is one of the best yoga hotels Bhutan with ISO22000 certification. Set on 10 acres of land, the hotel has plenty of facilities like in-house temple, meditation house, tea house, conference and coprportate retreats and many more things available to its guests.


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