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With the advent of medicine and technology, life span of a person has increased over a period of time. This means that people tend to live till the age of 80-90 easily. They are more fit, healthy and active than ever before! Old age is an inevitable phase. This is the phase when yiu have more time to be with your family and loved ones. This is also the time, unfortunately, when our body is not the healthiest and does not fully cooperate with us! This is the time when ailments like blood pressure, diabetes, heart issues etc crop up and you do not respond very well to medications also. At the same time, old age is a phase when you have much free time to invest wisely in your health, mind, body and soul! Yoga embodies mind, body and soul and uplifts a person from all ailments. When it benefits kids and youngsters, why should senior citizens be left behind?

Yoga poses are designed to balance all the chakras of your body and normalize blood flow and its pressure.

The breathing techniques make you feel refreshed, calm and energized because of the increase in blood flow. It helps in improving your overall immune system which is very necessary in old age! Please remember, this is the phase when your body is not very strong and supple, so do not push yourself too hard during exercises. Do as much as possible only. Few great yoga poses for the golden phase of life are:
Dog pose – improves flexibility of your body and helps in treating back pains
Cat pose – helps in regulating your breathing and teaches you to inhale properly so as to suck in maximum oxygen
Double leg raises – helps in blood circulation, regulates breathing, very good for limbs
Half spinal twist – lengthens and strengthens spinal cord. Very good for kidneys and liver
Locust pose – strengthens abdominal area, legs and arms. Concentrates on strengthening lower back
Wind relieving pose – helps in relieving extra gas from your body along with toxins. Very good for the digestive system

There are many more basic poses that can be practiced by seniors. Please never try to do any of the exercise without supervision. Take help from an instructor or a yoga expert. Let the expert determine which exercises will benefit you personally. Every person is different with varied ailments and body types. After consultation with the doctor, learn yoga properly before you do it yourself!

Yoga will bring you peace of mind that a [person craves for in his entire life. Do not give up on being happy and healthy just because it is the lag end phase of life. You have every right to be healthy and happy!



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