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Yoga exercises for Pregnancy


Yoga in pregnancy is a must to stay away from many complications. Yoga is an age old way for staying healthy. There are several ways of staying healthy during pregnancy but obviously Yoga exercises for pregnancy is a very good way to stay healthy during those 9 months and prepare you for the Labour Day.

Importance of Yoga during pregnancy:

Let us look at some of the reason why you should be doing Yoga exercises for pregnancy,
1. Yoga does not have any side effects and there are several yoga posses which are specialized for pregnant women only
2. Yoga is an age old formula and the healing power for back pain during pregnancy is more in yoga
3. Yoga does not need a regular instructor once you are taught about them you can perform them yourself. So even if there is no gym near your place you can practice yoga even in the last weeks of pregnancy
4. Some yoga postures re known for making the pelvic strong as also making the process of giving birth easy,
5. Even the systematic birth control during labour is also taught in yoga.
6. You cannot ignore the fact that some ladies cannot walk for long or even cannot perform heavy exercises during pregnancy for them obviously performing yoga is better.
7. There are various ladies who are known to have issues with exercises postures where as in yoga there are hundreds of postures as also you can transform them accordingly.

What you should not do during pregnancy while practicing yoga:
1. If you find any issues in performing any yoga posture inform that to your yoga teacher immediately
2. Make sure that you discuss with your medical practitioner that you are performing your yoga classes
3. Yoga in pregnancy can be a constrains for many ladies so it would be better for you to avoid it
4. While you exercise take adequate food also. This is a must for performing the best yoga classes.
5. Yoga exercises for pregnancy is for good health so perform that regularly so that you cannot make it irregular and face issues.

Pregnancy is a very important period in a ladies life. Everyone wants to be physically fit during this period so it is better to follow some fitness routine. Yoga exercises for pregnancy is very important as this can make you stay healthy mentally and physically both. Yoga in pregnancy must be practiced under proper guidance as wrong postures can be really harmful for any one.


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