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Yoga Classes for Beginners


If you are looking to create more balance in your body while increasing flexibility and strength, yoga classes may intrigue your interest. Yoga will teach you to stretch in ways you never thought possible. Each of the postures and poses performed through yoga has a health benefit. Quicker movements will create a heat sensation in the body. Slower movements are known to boost stamina and improve alignment. Poses are similar for all, but the ways a teacher approaches yoga may vary. Once established in a yoga program, one will find “your own practice”  is similar, but can always be done in different methods which keep the movements from becoming boring. When an instructor states you are performing “your own practice”, this is your niche of yoga movement which is right for you. A great thing about yoga is that there is no competition involved.

Everyone does the best they can do. The beauty of it is that you are in your own personal space doing your best according to the leader’s guidance. 


If yoga intrigues your interest, some research may be needed to find just the right type of class for you. There are different types of yoga practices. There are two in particular known as vinvasa and hatha which are most appropriate for beginners. These formats will review the basics of yoga.  As you become accustomed to the movements and stretches, and begin to understand how the process affects your body, you can graduate to more advanced types of classes.  The key factor is that all of this progression is at your own pace with no pressure to move forward quicker than you are ready. 


With today’s online capabilities, there can be plenty of resources when searching for yoga classes in your area.  Local newspapers and magazines geared toward wellness will also provide listing for yoga.  If you belong to a gym or fitness center, perhaps they may offer a yoga class.

Neighborhood park districts may have yoga classes, as well. Since you are just starting out, be sure you are inquiring about a beginner’s class for your chance to learn the basics.  If there are absolutely no yoga classes in your area, or none offered at convenient times for your schedule, rent of purchase a beginner’s instructional video and take a try at following along.

Before your first class, inquire about when you would need to get started. Most likely, you will be told to dress comfortably with clothing that is breathable. You will want to have a yoga mat. These can often be rented from the class coordinators. 


As for a few suggestions, refrain from large meals before your yoga classes, but eat lightly hours before. Drink fluids before or after class, only. Do not wear socks or shoes. Let your teacher know you are just beginning. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help. And, most importantly, don’t wait more than a few days before you return for another class. Once you begin, you will want to keep the momentum going.


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