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What is Kripalu Yoga?


Physical fitness leads to the fitness of mind and brain. Also mental fitness leads to physical fitness. The two are closely linked together. If your mind is not relaxed, your are stressed and tensed it will affect your immune system. Alternatively, if you have an improper lifestyle and an unhealthy diet, you will have a weak immune system which will affect your mind and brain. If you tend to remain unwell you will again be stressed and tensed. This is thus a viscous circle. To break this circle one must have a healthy mind a healthy body. The exercise in the gym usually helps you to have a healthy body but it does not focus on mental strength. However, a yoga trainer in his yoga session at a class or yoga retreat focuses on mediation – for a healthy mind and asanas – for a healthy body. One such form of this exercise is ‘Kripalu Yoga’.

This form of exercise incorporates the body and mind and the energy released by both. There is a subtle flow of energy in one’s body. This flow, is known as ‘prana’. Any disturbing thought will affect or disturb the flow of this energy in one’s body.

The mental condition of one affects the moves and decisions of the individual. Kripalu Yoga thus inclused physical postures, deep relaxation techniques, breathing techniques and meditation to give you a healthy mind for a healthy body. With every session you realize that the layers of stress getting removed from your mind and body. It accelerates the internal healing process, which leads to mental clarity, emotional stability, and good physical health.

The regular practice will lead to reduced levels of anxiety, blood pressure, stress, and finally elimination of these problems. It will enhance the flexibility of the body, endurance, strength and energy levels. This style of exercise uses body as a mode or vehicle to reach the inner spirit which affects the mind and body of the individual. The asanas and meditation retreats force the release of prana which heals the problems caused by emotional disturbances. It is used to achieve personal growth and self empowerment. You tend to get strong and make your decisions more powerfully and righteously. You get in to relationship with your body, soul and mind. Every session of this exercise is done with the attitude of offering prayers.

Try out Kripalu yoga or if you still have doubts talk to your yoga trainer to know more about this form of Yoga.

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