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Use Yoga Exercise for Back Pain Relief


Article by Kim Archer

Many consider yoga to be the best way to prevent and lessen back pain. Back pain generally results from difficulty in sustaining proper body posture. Yoga exercises can be a very effective means to realign your body and take the edge off your pain. This is a fantastic way to bring the separate elements of mind, body and soul back together and in working order.

There is so much evidence out there that yoga is a great aid for back pain. It’s specifically very good for discomfort that radiates from the hips due to excessive strain or stretching beyond their limits. Employing the right kind of yoga exercises will ensure your hip muscles are stretched, bringing your body back into its natural balance and alleviating back pain. Engaging in this type of exercise can really make a person’s back pain disappear.

One thing you might want to try is performing standing yoga postures, which strengthens the hips and provides you with both better balance and flexibility. One of the more commonly known yoga exercises for back pain is the mountain pose. This exercise retrains the muscles of the body to bring them back in line.

The condition of a person’s hips has a lot to do with their mobility. Yoga exercises can improve your posture through strengthening of your balance. Centrally situated on the body, the hips connect to the lower spine. Research shows that up to eighty percent of back-pain sufferers also have hip problems. An effective yoga exercise for this problem is the triangle pose, which if done correctly helps to realign the hips and restore their correct mobility.

Another way to achieve proper body balance is stretching your sides, and you can do so by using a yoga posture called the extended side angle pose. The benefits of doing this yoga exercise for back pain include both stretching out the spine and working against the effects of bad posture. This exercise can be very effective in reducing the back pain you are undergoing.

Of all of the health complaints that are out there, back pain is one that is known the world over. Without proper treatment, discomfort can increase along with the chance of increased disability. Remember, for your safety, yoga exercise for back pain should not be undertaken without consultation with your physician. In addition, learn how to do these postures with a certified yoga instructor because doing them incorrectly could actually make things worse for you.

Millions of people suffer from back pain, whether it’s a single episode or an ongoing condition. One of the best ways to deal with the problem is through the use of back stretches. Learn more at Back Pain Management.

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