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Tips For Lower Ab Exercises


So you think that it’s impossible to get some amazing looking lower abs unless you work out for hours at a time and do thousands of sit-ups? Think again. In less than 20 minutes a day and using only 2 lower ab exercises you can craft a perfect set of lower abs in no time at all. It is important to point out that focusing just on these ab muscles and performing these 2 exercises which are described below will not get you a complete set of 6-pack abs.

Leg raises are the king of all lower ab exercises and it shouldn’t be neglected! Even though leg raises works your abs only indirectly, you should include leg raises to your workout routine. No matter what expert says, Many athletes including bodybuilders have gotten great results by doing leg raises.

This one is a very popular lower abs exercise. First of all, lie on your back and keep your hands under your buttocks. Now, lift one of your legs as high as you can. Make sure that you keep your leg high enough so that it creates tension around your midsection. Then lower your leg a little, and then lift it again like before.

You are than going to slowly lower your legs back to the start position, but don’t let your legs touch the ground, hold for a couple seconds than raise them to a vertical position again. Repeat this motion until the number of reps is complete.

In contrast to other lower back exercises, press up is performed by lying on your stomach on floor and placing your hands as well as palms under shoulder. Then put your arms straight by slowly lifting your upper trunk from the floor. The next step is to arch your lower back by keeping your pelvis against the floor.

The lower stomach exercises are therefore meant to help create synchronized muscle movement to create power and faster reflexes. Unfortunately, many people targeting their lower abdominals fail to realize that they are actually not carrying out the exercises, but simply exercising to strengthen hip flexors and lower back muscles.

Looking for an effective lower abs exercises is not that hard. What is harder is the implementation of such exercises. It is important to note that in order for the exercise to take effect, discipline and proper food intake should be observed.

Another lower ab exercise you can do is one that has you lie on your back. This exercise will work out your lower ab muscles by moving your legs. As you do this exercise, hold your core tightly (suck in your stomach). If you have a hard time holding in your core or if you feel any pain at all, stop.

To lose lower belly fat, you need to even your workouts out with a consistent strength training routine. Not only because it helps to build muscle which aids in losing fat. But, also because the older we get. The more muscle mass we naturally lose. So, if you don’t replace it, you will eventually lose it. Which all equals more fat gain!

Another fantastic lower ab exercise is completed by lying on the floor with your belly up and extending your feet in the air. Keep your head in a neutral position and keep some space in between your chin and your chest. With your chin and chest leading the way, reach to your opposite foot while contracting your abs and raising your shoulders off the floor.

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