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Spring Forest Qigong is a powerful, yet simple form of energy healing developed in China and used there for thousands of years. In the Chinese language ‘Qi ‘ means energy and ‘gong’ means work. So Qigong literally means ‘work the energy.’

This modality of energy healing from the Chinese tradition continues to get increased attention in the United States, as its beneficial effects are gaining recognition. Dr. Mehmet Oz, a favorite on the Oprah show and a best selling author, is a big proponent of the benefits of qigong for healthy bodies and healthy lifestyles.

This form of qigong is an effective and simple form, developed by Chunyi Lin, a Chinese Qigong Master. He studied with many of the great living qigong masters in China, and created his own powerful form of qigong, which he calls Spring Forest Qigong (SFQ.)

Master Lin brought Spring Forest Qigong to the USA in the late 1990’s.

SFQ is especially suited for Americans, because it is clear and simple enough to fit into busy lives. As a former English professor, Master Lin well understands the culture, language, and lifestyle of Americans.

Spring Forest Qigong works to keep the energy system clear and flowing. Humans are most healthy when their energy systems are free of blockages. Channels of energy, called meridians, run throughout the body, like “rivers of energy.” When meridians are blocked, discomfort and illness can form. Conversely, the body’s natural ability to heal itself is released when our energy channels fully open and clear. Through the systematic use of SFQ, energy systems clear, resulting in the resolution of many physical and emotional issues, increased happiness and strong physical energy. It is powerful in its benefits.

There are three main ways this powerful form of qigong can benefit you and your life, and at times, those that you love. First, you can take a Level One SFQ workshop. There you will learn energy breathing. You will be introduced to specific “sitting meditations” that move energy through the body. You will also learn active exercises (which are similar to Tai Chi) to clear your channels and improve the flow of life force through your body.

Continued application of these methods keeps your channels clear and will change your life, in spite of the ups and downs of stressful times. You will find more vitality, increased circulation, and inner peace. Your mood will lift over time. You will probably have a greater connection to your spiritual nature. Your sense of self will improve, and the “presence” you bring to your relationships, workplace, and other areas of your life will positively change.

Second, you can receive a Spring Forest Qigong treatment or series of treatments from a skilled SFQ practitioner. These treatments clear specific blockages, and reeducate your energy system. Anyone with a physical illness or emotional stress can benefit from this treatment. People who combine individual treatments with a Level One SFQigong workshop find they support and promote the continuation of their own healing.

Third, you can use the Level One SFQ workshop for the benefit of those that you love. The understanding and skills that you learn in this workshop, even as a beginner, can bring immediate positive benefit to others.

Spring Forest Qigong benefits people of all ages. Physical problems, even ones that haven’t responded to treatment with conventional treatment, often reduce and heal. SFQ works well in combination with conventional medicine. There is no need to choose between the two. Many diseases, like cancer, tumors, diabetes, high blood pressure, skin issues, fibromyalgia and MS, have been reported to be reduced or eliminated with SFQ. Spring Forest Qigong is also effective with low mood, depression, anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other mood related issues.

Spring Forest Qigong is effective and powerful in bringing positive benefits to the physical body, mind and spirit. As you apply this wisdom and these methods, illnesses, whether chronic or situational, can be reduced, cleared, or avoided.

Pamela Radosen, MS, is a shaman and an integrated energy healer, extensively trained in EFT, Spring Forest Qigong, and Family Constellations. She maintains an energy medicine/energy psychology private practice in La Crosse, Wisconsin. She is also trained and licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist. Pamela sees clients individually, and teaches EFT, Spring Forest Qigong, and other trainings in group settings. For more information, or to hire Pamela, visit her at http://www.pamelaradosen.com

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