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Qigong Exercise – Study For Healing


Qigong is a very dominant method of healing and energy medicine that originates in China. It is an art and science that utilizes breathing, gentle movements, and creative visualization to allow the Qi to flow in the body which results to detoxification and regeneration.

There are four main areas of Qigong application namely Spiritual Qigong (Fo Gong, Tao Gong), Sports Qigong (Wu Gong), Healing Qigong (Yi Gong), and External Qi Healing (Wai Qi Zhi Liao).

The Spiritual discipline was adapted from the practice of Taoism and Buddhism. It enhances self awareness and gives a sense of serenity and harmony with nature.

Qigong can also be used in sports and martial arts because Qi exercises improve coordination, speed, flexibility, balance as well as resistance to injury. It also enhances strength and stamina.

Healing Qigong, on the other hand, provides an effective way of preventing and treating diseases such as high blood pressure and even cancer.

It also alleviates pain and reduces frustration and anxiety as well. Moreover, Qigong helps in controlling the body’s reactions to stress by producing chemicals that induce relaxation and reinforce positive thinking thus making a person healthier.

In contrast to the therapeutic touch in western medicine, External Qi Healing involves a sophisticated manner of health assessment through the use of gentle touch or non-contact treatment. This touch can bring the client’s Qi to balance and restore health. To boost the effectiveness of the treatment, it is a must that a healer undergoes a systematic training. Furthermore, he must be trained to maintain his health so that the risk of transferring unhealthy Qi will be avoided.

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