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Proper Yoga Routine for Fullest Benefit


Article by Manidip Bandyopadhyay

As you are trying to extract the Yoga benefits you must look for a Yoga routine. Without a proper routine you can never follow the track quite effectively. First of all the thing that you must keep in mind is that Yoga routines are nothing but a set of Asanas and Pranayamas that you practice daily in your convenient time. When you practice regularly the Asanas and pranayamas you are sure to taste the essence of optimum fitness. You own a fit body with a sound mind within. If you are willing to go on practicing after your own style you may go but for the very beginners it is better to seek the help of a Yoga trainer so that they can get the health benefits of Yoga within a few months.

Choosing the Yoga routine

You have to fix the routine according to your age, flexibility and your present health status. Besides you have to decide whether you want to get the result overnight or can wait for the ultimate time when the grace of Yoga and Pranayama is showered on you. Anyway, patience is a must for the Yoga beginners. Now you have to choose the asanas according to your age. If you are a youngster you may practice asanas quite comfortably with enough flexibility. But if you are an old man, if you have poor health or if you are suffering from some specific disease you may find some problems in the very beginning. It has been noted that people start practicing Yoga when they fail to find other alternatives. I don’t discourage the people aspiring for yoga health benefits but I may caution them that if they do not follow a routine the dream of tasting the sweet essence of yoga will remain elusive.

Busy people and Yoga practice

There are some people who though they have latent desire to practice Yoga and taste the essence of it fail to find time and are hence deprived. But I think if they wish they can steal at least half and hour from their tight schedule. If they can practice yoga finding a suitable time it can be told with ease that they are sure to be the winner.

Old men too can carry on Yoga

Yes of course old people can if they desire to practice some simple Yoga asanas and pranayama daily. They are sure to enjoy health benefits of yoga too and lead a hassle free old life.

Yoga for the students

A student life is very strenuous. Students need proper concentration and they have to keep huge data in their memory. In order to sharpen the power of memorizing as well as the power of concentration they should practice Yoga daily in the morning. If they have deep reverence for yoga they are sure to be blessed.

Yoga routine is very important for successful result. So first learn how to develop proper yoga routine. Get more information on Yoga routine from here.

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