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Most Effective Facial Exercises


Facial exercises have been proven to improve the skin’s firmness, resulting in a younger looking skin. It is best done at least once daily by both the young and the old.

Regular facial exercises stimulate the skin in the different parts of the face to enhance its production of natural oil. This lubricates the face to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dry skin. It also diminishes minor discolorations and blemishes. Check out the following facial exercises so you too can enjoy its revamping benefits.

Facial exercise for the eyes

Exercise the muscles around your eyes to improve sagging and dull looking skin. Executing eye exercises correctly causes the muscles to contract, making the skin firm around the optical orbs. Place your fingers against your temple and gently pull them towards the back portion of your head. This presses tension onto the optical muscles. Gently close your eyes as you do the first step repeatedly with your fingers resisting the pull of the muscles. You will instantly feel the contraction of the muscles as you do more repetitions forcibly. This simple but effective exercise prevents the formation of deep lines around your eyes. It also perks up bagging lower eyelids and droopy upper eyelids. 

Facial exercise for the mouth

This exercise helps in keeping the skin around the mouth firm. Simply put your index fingers on the opposite sides of your mouth, and gently pull these sides about one inch towards the extremities. Do this slowly until you will the contraction of the muscles for at least five seconds.

Facial exercise for the cheeks

The cheeks are the top priority of most facial exercises as these are dominant features of the face.

As we grow older, the cheeks become narrower, forming a disgruntled hollow. To prevent this from happening, regularly exercise your cheeks through speech exercises that elaborately mouth the vowel letters repeatedly. Another effective facial exercise is done by putting your head back, placing three fingers on your cheeks, and pushing them down. Your cheeks, on the other hand, should resist by smiling as firm as you can.

Facial exercise for the chin 

With your chin tilted upwards, place the tip of your index and middle fingers on the hollow centre between the chin and the neck. Keep your mouth closed and teeth together, while you press the point of your tongue against your lower gum line. Add increasing pressure while keeping this position for about ten counts. This exercise helps reduce double chin and flabby skin under the chin.

Michael Gabriel L. Sumastre believes in rejuvenating the skin naturally. He and his girlfriend only use quality skin-care products that are safe. Michael is also the freelance writer of EssentialPotions.com, an online store that manufactures the pioneering “fountain of youth” skin serum.

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