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Meditation for Beginners and Yoga for Children


Yoga is an ancient Indian art of performing exercises to bring in total balance of the mind body and soul. Yoga has been considered extremely helpful for children to bring in total balance and control restlessness, sharpen memory and even help in achieving a complete soothing of the nerves.

Yoga for children is considered to be almost like complete bliss. Yoga is also very helpful as it inculcates a sense of discipline and regular habit of exercise which is extremely essential in today’s time and age when kids spend a considerable amount of time in front of the PC or watching television. There are various Yoga Asanas that are helpful in bringing about a complete enhancement of the olfactory organs like the eyes and ears.

It is important for parents to introduce their children to yoga from an early age as it brings about complete relaxation and control of the mind along with a complete co ordination of the mind and the senses.

There are many who believe that memory enhancement too is possible if the right yoga asana is practised on a daily basis. Yoga for children as more and more parents are realising these days is as essential as brushing their teeth.

However, an important aspect to be kept in mind while introducing children to yoga is to introduce them to practising the art of mediation too. Meditation for beginners is certainly an important channel to bring in total focus of the mind so as to inculcate a sense of well being instantly.Mediatation or positive thinking is an art that has been in practice since ancient times in India and is considered to be one of the perquisites to learn yoga with perfection.

Basically Meditation for beginners is the introduction of practicing the art of total concentration to just one thing without complicating the brain with multiple thoughts. So the first thing for Meditation for Beginners is to look for a quiet place with no noise or sound pollution, sitting in a straight posture with an erect spine and eyes closed. Next comes relaxation of the mind and a total focus on the centre point popularly known as the third eye or the area right in between the two eyebrows. Once there is a total relaxation of mind body and soul a complete concentration is enabled with a feeling of well being right from within. Breathing should be very relaxed and controlled. The time spent in deep meditation should be slowly and gradually increased as sitting with folded legs for most people is not an easy thing to do.

However, finding total peace with meditation in the first few sittings is extremely difficult. It certainly takes time for one’s mind body and soul to be in co ordination and this in turn makes it extremely important for one to practice Meditation for beginners before actually trying to practice it with full force in the initial stages. This is an extremely well defined art of bringing in complete balance of the mind as it teaches one to introspect and realise what is actually peace of mind rather than running after materialistic things to satiate the thirst of the mind.

If children are taught the art of Mediation they too should be introduced to the art by getting them to practise with Meditation for Beginners. Thus, for a complete sense of achievement it is important for parents to make sure that their children learn the art of yoga and meditation under expert guidance, of course!

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