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List Of Aerobic Exercises


Any form of exercise that helps to increase the heart rate to a specific zone for at least 20 minutes is termed an aerobic exercise. Some common forms of aerobic exercise are swimming, walking, jogging, cycling, treadmills and aerobic dance. Again, not all types of physical actions are called aerobics.Diagnosis Those done in a rhythmic manner for a regular period of time are included in this. Consistency is another factor to remember while doing aerobics. Most forms of this exercise can be included in our daily schedule easily.

Exercising three times a day for 30 minutes strengthens our heart and increases the lung capacity. The flexibility of our muscles and joints increases and the risk of developing a heart disease get decreased.

Gradually, one can increase the duration of exercise to 40 or 60 minutes. Bodybuilders prefer aerobics as it is the best form of weight loss exercise. It provides continuous calorie burning effect that no other form of exercise can give. That is why aerobic exercises are referred to as the secret to permanent fat loss.

Although the capacity to burn fat is low in walking, it is the best way to start exercising. A 30 to 60 minute walk daily is quite beneficial. Old people and pregnant ladies can easily choose this form of exercise. Gradually, one can shift to running or jogging. The best time for jogging is early morning or evenings. Training experts rate running or jogging as the best form of aerobic exercise as it has a high fat burning capacity. Don’t over train though, as that can lead to injuries.

Cycling is an excellent exercise as one has fun doing it.Diagnosis The hips, back, ankles and knees do not receive any kind of stress or pain while cycling. Outdoor activity is always better than just exercising in the gym. Stationary cycling also helps to burn calories. Those not knowing how to cycle can opt for that.

Rowing machines or treadmills combine both walking and jogging. The added resistance makes it highly effective for burning fat. Rowing machines are a whole body exercise as the muscle groups in legs, back, arms and abdominals all are involved.

If one is fond of dancing than aerobic dance can be a hobby as well as an exercise. It helps to maintain all-round fitness apart from being an interesting experience. Swimming is an equally ideal exercise for those who know it. Body joints do not suffer undue stress due to swimming. The laps in the pool become an enjoyable way to burn down calories.

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