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Increase your Libido Naturally with Simple Yoga


If you are wondering how to increase sexual stamina and pleasure your lover like never before, you are in the right place. I have tried every method known to man for ending premature ejaculation, and I found that anything that comes in the form of a pill or potion is completely worthless. However, once I took the time to educate myself on the roots of my problem and how it is possible to use natural methods to control it, I was finally able to conquer my early ejaculation once and for all and become the lover my girlfriend always wished I could be.


Maintaining and increasing the flexibility of the pelvic muscles, is as important as strengthening your pelvic region.

Any muscle is more effective when its range of movement is higher and it is in a relaxed state. The pelvic region is an area which tends to tighten up with the high stress levels of modern day life. Stretching these muscles will help increase the range of movement in this area. It will also bring you to a more relaxed state so that your sexual performance improves, as a tense individual has a tendency towards premature ejaculation.


Do you believe yoga is about twisting your body into good positions for sex? No. Yoga is really about what’s happening in your mind, not your body when you make love. Like all other issues, Yoga’s view of sex is also that of adherence to the middle path. It has been proved beyond doubt that a fulfilling sexual life is necessary to lead a happy life. Yoga considers sex to be a natural function, very helpful in a loving relationship and, of course, indispensable for the continuation of the human race on the earth. Yoga has a clear cut demarcation; do not indulge in too much of sex as it may diminish the force and pace of life.


1. Have sex & masturbate less often – the more times you ejaculate, the less dense your semen will be. Maintain a gap of 3 days between two consecutive ejaculations.


2. Refrain from habits like smoking, alcohol consumption etc. – Alcohol affects your liver function, which, in turn, causes a dramatic rise in estrogen levels. Even two drinks a day will have long-term effects on sperm production


3. Exercise regularly. – Exercising your PC muscle can help you shoot further than ever before. Read How to Exercise your PC muscles.


4. Eat Nutritious Food – Diet that’s low in fat, and high in protein, vegetables, and whole grains is good for your health and for your sperm. Avoid bitter, astringent and spicy foods. Reduce caffeine intake


5. Avoid heating of testicles – Wear loose, cotton boxer shorts, Avoid hot baths and saunas

6. Lose any excess weight, which tends to cause testosterone/oestrogen imbalances.


7. Reduce stress levels by learning relaxation techniques – Keep your mind and body healthy by regular practice of YOGA and MEDITATION.


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8. Massage body with herbal oil, which improves blood circulation. Try Penis Massage Oil available at http://www.ayurvediccure.com/penis_enlargement.htm


9. Make love in the early morning or afternoon. Sperm levels are often highest in the mornings.


10. Try supplements – Certain natural supplements promise to increase sperm production.


According to Yoga, the sexual secretions contain the seeds of life, concentrated life force and nutrients. Once depletion in life force takes place, the vitality level and resistance to diseases will tend to diminish. In addition to this, Yoga helps in having controlled and joyful sexual life. Through different Yoga poses one can learn to control sexual activities. A complete branch of Yoga, called Kundalini Yoga, deals with harnessing the sexual power. Yoga enables one to get into meaningful relationships and enjoy sex.

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