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Importance of Yoga Asanas in Pregnancy


Yoga is the best thing to do during pregnancy. It is as important as health and skin care. Doing yoga will help you release all your stress and worries. And also helps you focus on the happening inside your body. Yoga will as well keep your body in shape which you tend to lose during pregnancy. With all the advantages it is an also very crucial to do Yoga Asanas in Pregnancy with utmost care.


During pregnancy body and mind undergoes many changes and to live up with these doing yoga is important. One of the most important factors of doing yoga is, it helps to keep your body flexible and hence during delivery you can alter different positions thus limiting labour pains. Yoga during pregnancy not only relives stress but also makes the mother feel happy and fresh. It also helps to overcome the pains that are bound to happen during pregnancy.

There are various asanas which help you fight back ache. Like the other exercises, yoga asanas should also be performed under the guidance of a trainer. You need to inform your trainer about your pregnancy and the trimesters even if you have been taking training from the same person since months.


Yoga not only plays important role during pregnancy but also after pregnancy. It helps you to loose weight and come back into the same shape. Yoga Asanas in Pregnancy facilitates the accurate breathing techniques; help fortify body muscles etc. the yoga asanas to be followed depends on the trimesters covered. In the initial stage like in the first three months, the pregnant women are advised to do those asanas that help in blood circulation, breathing and make stronger body muscles.

During the next few months you are required to maintain body balance by taking a support. During the concluding months, do not take up forceful yoga asanas. Two things you must strictly avoid during the final months are lying down flat on your back or on your stomach for a long time.


Yoga is not suitable for every woman who is expecting, better consult your doctor whether you can perform yoga or not. There are some more cautions for woman expecting doing yoga.

Before you start your yoga classes make sure your trainer is well aware of your pregnancy and trimester period.
Avoid the asanas that cause your muscles to stretch.
Just do not perform vigorous asanas when it is too hot.
If you are not comfortable, make sure your trainer knows about it. 

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