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How Can You Learn Yoga?


Article by Phillip Poulak

Did you know that yoga has been around for over 3,000 years? That’s right first used in what is now India, yoga actually means to bind, attach, or join. To learn yoga is a great idea, it’s a fabulous way not to only get into shape, but to relax too.

With yoga you are going to learn about concentrating your body and mind and bind yourself to God. With yoga you can learn ways to discipline your body, mind, soul, and emotions.

Learning to focus all that energy that you have inside your body into a more constructive way. There are more than one type of yoga out there that you can learn. Here are a few of them, and what they are supposed to do.

First you have karma yoga, this will let you learn to focus of being able to give of yourself, and still not expect a reward. While Bhakti yoga is more about using those emotional energies that you have for more of a spiritual energy.

Jnana yoga is all about how you can unveil those illusions that are out in the world. While Rhaja yoga is about concentration and controlling the mind. Plus there is a branch off of that called Hatha yoga in which you can use as more of an exercise program.

Gentle yoga which is considered to be a part of Hatha yoga is mostly used to describe those yoga’s that are used in exercising. Controlling breathing and stretching out will increase the flexibility that you have. Plus you will be able to control your mind and emotions.

While Kundalini yoga is more of a use of those chakras that are in your body. When you deal with chakras you can learn how to control soul, mind and body, and experience great energy.

Also power yoga is when you are going to move a bit quicker in the motions of yoga, and it will help to warm the body. The poses that you use in other yoga will still be used but you will not hold them long, and this is one heck of a workout.

Yoga can be a fantastic idea when you want to get into shape, but some find that its way too slow moving. They become bored with the process, or even feel that it’s not worth the money they spend.

It will help out with your health, and also your mind though, when you really do learn yoga. Finding that you may be able to use it in everyday life to control those emotions.

Classes can be fairly long when you learn yoga, sometimes even up to two hours. Of course you can also do this at home with the use of videos that are out on the market. Depending on where you live you may be able to find classes that are offered at a reasonable cost.

If you feel that yoga is something that you really want to learn, look around locally and see if any classes are offered. It would be best to learn through someone else so you get the poses down just right. Enjoy the healthy feeling that you have after you’ve gotten it down good.

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Urdhva Mukha Svanasana, is commonly found in Vinyasa yoga and Power yoga classes. It is also part of Sun Salutations. Upward Dog brings flexibility to the spine, you’re only as old as your spine, it opens the shoulders and heart while increasing strength in the arms and back.
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