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Hatha Yoga DVD?s For Working Out


It should be moderately easy for you to find the right Hatha Yoga DVD which can show you the correct process in which to perform the postures, or asanas. Hatha Yoga is also known as Hatha vidya and has been started by practitioners in India since the 1400′s when the initial treatise was written by Yogi Swatmarama.

It was at this time that he wrote the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, the treatise as to how an asana should be executed in order to physically cleanse the body. Thus, the justification for physical purification was laid down through Hatha Yoga which, in turn, prepares the body for higher forms of meditation.

You will find many yoga DVDs but try to find one that precisely deals with Hatha Yoga and it will include the pranayams and asanas that are used by the Hindu hermits and sages to systematically train their bodies to allow them to meditate for excessive lengths of time.

This custom is known as shatkarma.

The word Hatha is derived from the words Ha, meaning sun, Tha, which means moon and, according to the principals of Hatha Yoga the energy channels known as naadis take the body to full awareness that in turn may lead to the phase of Dhayanna, or Samadhi, the state of total control over ones own body.

It is said, according to Hindu beliefs, that the Lord Shiva, one of the three supreme gods of the Hindu trilogy and the destroyer of all that is evil, promulgated the concepts of Hatha Yoga and he passed this expertise on to his consort, the Goddess Parvati, as he believed that no one heard him. As it turns out, a fish was listening the whole time and heard the entire discourse and at that time a sage was made from the fish. It was this sage who taught the disciples.

He was known as Matsyendranathaa.

Hatha Yoga become widespread in the west in the late 1920′s, with a major revival in the 1960′s. It was popularized by Sri Tirumalai Krishnamarcharya who taught Hatha Yoga until his death in 1989.

Hatha Yoga is the pattern of yoga most generally associated with yoga in the Western World. It is also the most commonly trained style of yoga that one will find in most yoga DVDs for physical workouts as well as mental training.

You will find thousands of good yoga DVDs available but if you are desiring to focus on Hatha Yoga make certain to browse through the selection to find the right Hatha Yoga DVD for your needs.

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