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Hatha Style Yoga is the Next Big Thing


Hatha style yoga is one of the most popular forms of yoga forms all over the world. The word ‘Hatha’ is made of two words – ‘ha’ means the sun and ‘tha’ which means the moon. Hatha style yoga focuses on bringing together the adverse currents in the system.

Origin of Hatha Style Yoga

The gurus who created Hatha style yoga made it as the way to unlock our inner life force. This then becomes a preparation for meditation. A regular set of Hatha style yoga poses helps in improving the respiratory system. It will also support a flexible body. It also smoothens the respiration process and improves posture. Hatha style yoga poses help to strengthen and balance one through stretching, facilitating the body with a calming and relaxing experience. These advanced yoga poses tend to improve the physical, mental and spiritual aspect of one’s health. The prime objective of yoga is to blend the spirit of the universe with the spirit of the mind and therefore help in attaining timeless ecstasy.

As you perform the asanas, think about it as it’s a sort of a dance. In all Hatha Style postures, inhale through the diaphragm, not the chest muscles. don’t stretch unduly or force the body. Relax into the poses. don’t worry if you can’t perform all perfectly. In time, you may realize the body turning into additional flexible and supple. Free the mind of thoughts and tensions.

Benefits of Hatha Style Yoga

There are many a lot of advanced Hatha style yoga routines, these asanas give a balanced system for daily use. For the easy purpose of quieting the mind in preparation for meditation, this is often all you may ever want.  For additional elaborate regimens, inquire at a recognized faculty specializing in Hatha style yoga.

It is advisable to breathe normally while practicing yoga postures. Start with a light breath and intensify it over a period of time. Breathing deeply and effortlessly during the exercise part of yoga allows the diaphragm to open and expand smoothly. While practicing Hatha style yoga poses, one should not put much pressure during the stretching positions.

The ultimate aim of all yoga poses is to relax the body and enlighten the spirit within which acts to increase the harmony between the spirit, mind, and body which in turn enables the spiritual energy to flow freely through the channels of energy.





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