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Flatten Your Tummy Easily


Big and protruding stomach has become a very big problem for many ladies and women. Many people normally mistake big stomach ladies for pregnant women and as a result of this, many ladies who are victims of this problem have been denied marriage by aspiring suitors. When any man is coming to approach a lady for relationship or marriage and he discovers that the lady has big stomach, he will mistake her for a pregnant lady and he will take to his heels. This is the reason why you should try as much as possible to flatten your stomach if you are a single lady.

If you are a married woman, you should also try to flatten your stomach so that your husband can actually know when you are pregnant and when you are not. Big stomach makes you to become shapeless. Any lady or woman who has digestive problem can develop a big or protruding stomach while any married woman who gave birth and did not take proper care of her stomach immediately after delivery may later develop big stomach.

All the unwanted substances remaining in the stomach after child birth need to be flushed out to prevent stomach bloating.

To start flattening your stomach, it is better that you should first reduce weight if you are overweight. Your big stomach can be as a result of your weight increase. After you have reduced weight, your stomach can automatically become flat too. If your stomach is still big, you have to stop taking all the sugary drinks, bread products, yoghurts, candies, chips, night snacks etc.

 Again, start dieting. Start cutting your usual meal portion in half. Continue cutting them in half and stick to it. Then increase your water intake. Take plenty of water regularly because water would help to flush out the congealed and unwanted substances in your system that can be making your stomach to be getting bigger.

You can do some exercises to help reduce your big stomach. Lastly, if you are serious in making your stomach flat, try to use stomach flattening products to flatten your stomach.

Desmond Ihenze is a counselor,online products reviewer and a freelance writer

Melissa Koerner of Friend Your Body, friendyourbody.com, out of Merrimack, NH shows you the core assessments and ab exercises you’ll need to flatten your tummy after pregnancy. This is especially useful for women that have had a C-section and are looking to get back their flat tummy.

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