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Flat Tummy For Good


With the summer winding down, some people might begin to think that we no longer need to work as hard as we want to get a flat tummy. In fact, many people are going to enjoy the beautiful Fall weather with a sweater on, and think that it’s time for pumpkin pie and plenty of drinks. Which means that flat summer belly will be a thing of the past if you don’t watch out. In today’s article however we are going to offer you two fantastic tips to keep that tight belly, that wonderful flatness that you fought so hard to keep all summer long. What better time to go on the attack and keep your flat tummy for good then during the Fall, when everybody is else is relaxing and letting it all go? So follow these two tips for maximum effect, and you’ll soon be back to having the flattest tummy of your life!

The first trick involves being away of how your metabolism and blood sugar are affected by what you eat.

Many of us are unwilling to put too much thought into our diet, instead preferring to simply eat whenever we are hungry or food is easily available. However, if you go too long without a healthy, nutritious snack in the midafternoon, your blood sugar will begin to crash, and your metabolism will begin to become sluggish. This will make your insulin spike, resulting in more of your nutrition going into fat. Thus the smart money is on your having a protein and carb balanced snack around three or four in the afternoon, allowing your body to maintain low blood sugar and low insulin. Don’t skip this snack, because it can make all the difference!

Finally, combine this snack tip with a little ball work. Some exercise will help tone your tummy, and doing this routine three times a week will do wonders. Simply lay flat on your back, and extend your arms directly above your head and your legs straight out. Hold a stability ball between your hands, and when you are ready lift it over head toward the ceiling, raising your feet to touch it as you do so.  It’s as if you are going from a flat line to a capital ‘V’. Hold it for a beat at the top, and then lower back down to the ground, relaxing. Do this twelve to fifteen times, three times a week!

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