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Easy Meditation Guide for Beginners of Yoga


The world that we are born into is noisy in many more ways than we can think of. Besides dealing with the noise pollution outside, there is the ‘noise inside’ as well that has to be dealt with. it is easy to identify external noise. Loud vehicles, booming music, noisy children, barking dogs, incessantly crying infants . . . all are kinds of noise that people can do very well without. These distortions of sound can cause severe disturbance to people leading to short and long term effects like loss of concentration, focus, attention, developing constant irritation, loosing hold temper so on and so forth. On the brighter side, these external noises can be taken care of by simply avoiding them at will. What causes real concern is the ‘noise inside’ which, more often than not, goes unnoticed and untreated.

The ‘internal noise’ can be referred to as the noise caused within the mind, or, a as a situation where the mind produces the noise.

We may at times be sitting in a quite place with almost no external disturbance and yet be thoroughly disturbed, irritated and agitated. This is the time when the external factors cannot be blamed. Noises produced by the mind are in the form of ‘thoughts’ that keep on appearing and disappearing in the mind at will. Good thoughts, bad thoughts, relevant thoughts, irrelevant thoughts, troubling thoughts, soothing thoughts, creative thoughts, mundane thoughts . . . a concoction of thoughts in the head, which is quite possible when a person is trying to survive in the present world, is very difficult to rule out. As a result, a solid clutter is formed in the mind, which makes performance of every necessary task very difficult. Stress is an inevitable result of this internal noise, and the effects of stress is not unknown to people.

Meditation is the best medicine to stress. Choosing Yoga For Meditation is all the more better. Meditating is meant to be an effort towards putting an end to the noise in the mind. This means that meditation directly addresses the thought clutter that one accumulates in ones head. This is all nice and fine while being spoken about, but how easy is it in reality to put and end to conscious unnecessary thinking through meditation? This is one reason why Meditation For Beginners is harder than it appears. When a beginner attempts meditation for the first time, he/she may expect to experience ultimate peace and elevated sense of spirituality . . . and then comes the thoughts about anything and every thing under the sun that stands on the way of attaining that expected level of peace. “Meditation causes cessation of thoughts”, which ultimately leads to true internal peace and relief from ‘noise’. But the road is long and difficult, and requires undying dedication and effort in the part of the learner. There is no short cut to meditation. One has to remember that developing the ‘noise inside’ may have taken good years of a man, and will therefore, take equally long to get rid of.

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