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Chakra Test – Methods of Testing Your Chakras


Our Chakras are the fundamental energy processing centers of our body. They can become imbalanced, sluggish, slow or overstimulated due to an excess of negativity, stress and strain that infiltrates our lives from all angles, leaving us drained of enthusiasm and desire, sick or depleted by ilness or disease. There are many ways that we can check for Chakra imbalances in our body. These Chakra tests range from simple and intuitive examinations of what is going on in our lives to complex questionnaires that calculate our level of emotional engagement in the areas of life that each Chakra oversees. Each method of Chakra testing has its benefits and all of the methods described below will give you some insight into the nature of the imbalances that may be throwing off your Chakras.

Taking inventory of your physical health is important.

To be sure, we need to realize what hurts in our body, what feels off-kilter. Illness doesn’t exist in a vacuum. They are the result of a continual build-up of negative energy somewhere in the subtle energy systems that our bodies possess. It you have heart problems like angina, or high blood pressure, go deeper and examine what it is about your heart that needs healing. It isn’t simply the ventricles and the cells of your physical heart that are in disrepair, but also the energetic current of love, or lack of love, that is flowing through your life and your relationships. Each of the seven Chakras corresponds to a specific area of the body. Illness or discomfort in that area are key factors in the functioning of the Chakras that are located there.

There are some Chakra tests that use your emotions and the way that you are engaging them in life as clues to which Chakras are functioning well and which ones are stagnant or blocked.

Just as each Chakra corresponds to a part of the body, each energy center also stimulates emotional and mental clarity as long as it is balanced and flowing. How do you feel right now? Do you feel grounded? Loved? Excited about life? Are you sad or wounded? Do you feel desperate or about ready to give up? Are you stretching the truth with people that you care about or exaggerating so that others may find you interesting? There are many online Chakra tests available that can assist you in determining your emotional state. Most of them consist of 50-100 questions that, when answered truthfully, can determine a possible blockage in your energy centers and suggest ways for you to remove them.

Kinesiology, also called muscle testing, is another way to test your chakras. This method usually requires another person to assist you. Kinesiology can be used to successfully test just about anything and it is particularly useful in detecting the strength of the energies lowing through your chakras. Have your assistant stand next to you. Take your dominant hand and hold your arm straight out from your body in a position of tension. Focus on a particular chakra and as you do, have your assistant firmly try to push your arm down to your side. If the Chakra is weak, your arm will drop easily. If the Chakra is strong, your arm will remain flexed and strong.

Once you know which Chakras are not functioning up to par, you can decide which method of Chakra Healing you want to try. The unique thing about chakras is that just by willing them to open up, visualizing healthy movement and flow through that area of the body, you can make a difference in the way that Chakra utilizes the energy flowing through it.

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