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Blissful Bali yoga retreats


Any activity done in the right surrounding gives the utmost benefit. If you are studying, you can concentrate only if the surrounding is peaceful. Imagine studying in a cafeteria or restaurant. It’s difficult, isn’t it?? Similarly when it comes to exercise, it also has to be in appropriate surroundings for utmost benefits. For practices such as yoga this is paramount. Yoga retreats are typically in a calm, serene and blissful environment so that you derive the utmost benefit from the activity. Retreats in Bali offer just such an experience. They take full advantage of very beautiful green surroundings and natural scenic beauty that calms the body and the soul.

Bali is in Indonesia, amidst a set of islands, with lush greenery and tropical beauty. It is well know for its cultural diversity and spirituality. All this make Bali the ideal destination for yoga.

The majority of population is Hindu, and they attempt to see the divine creator in everything from trees to animals. This makes the environment very spiritual and pleasant. The fresh flowers spread their fragrance in the air and you can feel the fresh air wafting over you even in the midst city life. Everyday flowers are offered to gods and the surrounding environment is then filled with its vibrant color and freshness.

Yoga and meditation, massages, healing therapies, spiritual discourses and practice are a part of retreats set up at Bali. Thus it is like a heaven for the yoga practitioners coming to Bali. You will experience nature’s beauty, tranquility, and feel blessed by being brought into this beautiful world. The serene environment helps you relieve stress and fatigue. It helps you connect to your inner self and get detached from the busy external routine where we so often do not get time to experience our inner self.

Carolyn from Australia, had been on a Bali yoga retreat.

Carolyn shared her experience saying, “The Bali yoga retreat has been a wonderful opportunity to escape the stresses of our daily lives. The daily practice in the midst of the beauty and sounds of the forest prepared us and opened our hearts and minds. In this state we fully appreciated the Balinese spiritual rituals.”

Many times people come to these retreats but fail to detach themselves from the external worries. You might consider limiting the use of your laptop and keeping your cell phones switched off when you are Bali yoga retreat. The aim of being here is to find refuge from your daily life and experience the peaceful state of your internal being so that when you get back home, you might be able to carry that state right into your daily routine.

Consider planning a Bali yoga retreat and experience the difference it makes to your life.

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