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Best Tummy Exercises to Get Rid of Love Handles


Belly fat is a common complaint of those that want to look fit. Love handles are something a number of people have problems with. These fat deposits that appear around the external oblique muscles on the sides of the lower torso are anything but lovable or lovely. The abdominal muscles are the main thing worked when doing traditional sit-ups and crunches. They don’t do anything for these fat deposits since they don’t work the oblique. There are some exercises for the tummy however that help reduce love handles by targeting the oblique muscles, as we will describe below. Consult a professional prior to starting a new physical activity and avoid injuries by warming up correctly.

Side Crunch

You will need to use a flat surface for the next two stomach exercises since you must lie down on the floor. If working on a rather hard surface you should use something to cushion yourself before lying on your side.

Starting on your left side bring the left arm across the waist so the left hand is resting on the right side. Use the fingertips of the right hand to touch your ear so the elbow of the right arm is pointing downward. Bring the shoulders off the floor and raise the right leg to approximately twelve inches at the same time while contracting the oblique muscles. Hold this position for a few seconds prior to lying back down and repeat for a full set before changing sides.

Seated Knee Drop

Rest on your hipbones on the floor. You should not be sitting on your bottom. To stabilize yourself you can place your hands behind you on the floor. Place your feet flat on the floor by bending your knees and make sure your ankles are together.

Then lower your knees to the right, your feet should stay on the floor as they roll to the sides. When your knees are six inches from the floor stop and hold one second before going back to the center and down on the opposite side. Utilize the stomach muscles to bring the legs up and lower the legs slowly and in a controlled movement, momentum shouldn’t move you.

Side Bend

One of the most effective methods for getting rid of love handles is a simple exercise known as the side bend. Standing up straight put your feet at shoulder width distance apart with knees bent slightly. Lower the entire torso to one side, alternating sides. Don’t lean back and forth, just side to side.

Torso Twist

This tummy exercise for love handles is done again at standing position like the side bend we described above. So it is recommended to perform this tummy exercise after finishing with the side bend. This is again effective at helping to lose love handles. Twist the body to one side and then to the other side slowly with the feet kept apart at shoulder width distance. Don’t twist from the hips, it’s vital to twist from the torso. The oblique muscles and not the hip flexors should be doing the majority of the twisting. Don’t bend the torso.

Thank you for reading my article. My name is Glenn Prescot, a professional trainer and nutritionist.


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