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Best Exercise to Flatten Tummy From Home


What is the best exercise to flatten my tummy from home? Many think that the regular crunch is the best way to lose stomach fat and tone your muscles to get a defined look, but there are many other tummy exercises that are effective for getting a flat tummy.

Some of the best exercises are no even ab exercises specifically. I know it sounds wierd, but here are the best ab specific exercises that will help flatten your tummy.

For the lower abs we do:

Hip/Leg Raises – These are designed to tone and sculpt your lower abdominal area by using a reverse movement compared to a crunch or sit up. Lay on the floor and raise your hip and heels toward the ceiling for a total of 15-20 repetitions.

For the obliques we do:

Bicycle crunches – Bicycle crunches are effective for the obliques. They will help build bigger oblique muscles and tone down any love handles you got.

Simply lay down and simulate a bicycling motion with your legs, while keeping your shoulders off the ground.

For the upper abs we do:

Spiderman Planks – Spiderman planks are just like the normal plank, with the exception of that you move your knees towards your elbows alternating legs. This will help you get static exercise and movement in the same exercise. Do around 20-30 repetitions and you’ll definitely feel it.

These are just some of the best exercise to flatten tummy from home. You can do many othe exercises too that will definitely help you firm that midsection.

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