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Appropriate Clothing for a Yoga Workout


Yoga is a wonderful workout that can help you feel healthier, more flexible and less stressed. There are yoga studios and classes springing up in every town. But attending a yoga class for the first time can be intimidating. It’s difficult to know what to expect, and even more difficult to know what to wear. While some yoga classes have certain standards for yoga wear, there are certain rules that are considered good etiquette and will make your yoga workout more comfortable.

Yoga wear should differ slightly from what you would wear for a traditional workout. Yoga clothing should be comfortable and loose, allowing you to flex fully and stay cool during your class. Browse through some yoga clothing on the Wellicious website, and you be sure to find something to suit your style, and you can feel confident that the clothing will be ideally suited to a yoga class.

Before you go to your yoga class, you should try to find out what footwear your teacher recommends.

Some classes only allow bare feet, but this can be uncomfortable for some participants. Most classes will let you wear yoga socks or shoes. Many people prefer this, as the sticky grips on yoga socks will help prevent you slipping on the mat.

Many people find a yoga class to be a peaceful and meditative experience. You should therefore not wear anything that could interfere with people around you. Long, dangling jewellery should not be worn, and long hair should be tied into a ponytail or bun to stop it from getting in the way. You should also refrain from wearing strong smelling perfumes or lotions, which can be off-putting.

Yoga is a relaxing yet vibrant workout, and wearing appropriate yoga clothing can enhance that wonderful experience.


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