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Aerobic Exercise Program


When adequate oxygen is combined with food or the stored fat in the cells of the body, energy is produced. The longer that people move aerobically, the more energy is needed and the more calories are used. Regular aerobic exercise can effectively improve the cardio-respiratory endurance.Diagnosis This is the ability of the heart, lungs and blood vessels to produce energy. Plus people will also build up their muscular endurance. When people get engage in a regular program of aerobic exercise they can build a healthier body and they will lose excess body fat because they will be using up the stored fat in their body cells. People should never begin an aerobic exercise program until they have consulted with their doctor about what kinds of exercise will be beneficial for them, and once they begin, should maintain their exercise program.

A good recommendation for aerobic program is some form of exercise at least three times a week for a minimum of 20 continuous minutes.

If that seems too much, people simply can start with a shorter time span and build up to that level. If people need to lose a large amount of weight, they will want to build up to a 30 minute workout five times a week or even daily. The actual benefits of aerobic exercise are achieved by increasing the heart rate and breathing hard for an extended period of time. During this aerobic activity the body produces more energy and delivers more oxygen to the muscles. The heart beats increases and for that increased amount of blood flows to the muscles and then come back to the lungs.

Aerobic, the term states, with oxygen, and the aerobic system of the body is the heart, lungs, blood vessels and muscles.Diagnosis The benefit of aerobic exercise is based on how well the body can deliver oxygen to the muscles and use it for energy. Regular aerobic workouts increase the ability to take in and transport the oxygen and improve the aerobic capacity. A good aerobic exercise program can help people to live a longer, healthier life and enhance their well being. People get a multitude of benefits if they do their aerobic workout on a regular basis even if the intensity is low or short in duration. It is fun to keep a log of the workouts that track the progress to see how far people have come in the pursuit of fitness. The bottom line is to start an aerobic workout that people enjoy and look forward to doing on a consistent basis. Aerobic activity is fun and it does really not require a lot of concentration. So people should listen to music, watch TV or listen to educational tapes while they are performing their aerobic exercise program.

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