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A Brief Introduction: Pilates for Beginners


Article by Marina Robinson

In recent years, everybody talks about the Pilates method. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Uma Thurman and Madonna have the wonders he has done for them, and is enhanced by sports figures and dance. But what is Pilates? This article will tell you briefly something about the history of this method, what it is and what are its advantages. Pilates is a system of physical and mental training, which combines techniques from other disciplines such as gymnastics, yoga and control mental. It was created by German Joseph Pilates as a workout differently, that does not require great effort and, therefore, could be used by everyone, including elderly and rehab patients. The principles of Pilates are alignment, concentration, control, flexibility and breathing, among others. The practice aims to balance the body and mind, and therefore emphasizes the importance of conscious breathing and respect for the rhythm of each practitioner. In fact, Pilates sessions are different from those of other practices in the sense that they are much more personalized, reaching a maximum instructor to have three or four patients. The practice of Pilates aims to strengthen the spinal muscles to develop internal . Each exercise consists of highly controlled and conscious movement, encouraging each practitioner aware of the capabilities and limitations of his own body, gradually improving their physical and mental health. To make the exercises use a variety of machines and accessories designed by the inventor of the method. These are complex machines that came to the gym for almost forty years, but still remain employed. What are the benefits of Pilates? On the one hand, one of the most attractive aspects of the method is no age limit, even help patients with bone or muscle diseases. Those who practice Pilates also observed that these exercises improve cardiovascular and respiratory capacity, muscle tone and the body hardens, improves flexibility and muscle elongation and corrects poor posture. Moreover, Pilates helps to improve the mood and reduce stress and tension. Dancers and athletes argue that by improving bone density and promote muscle flexibility, regular practice helps prevent injuries. The method has practically no contraindications (as long as you practice with a qualified and accredited instructor). Potential disadvantages of the practice is that it is not the most effective method to lose weight, because as anaerobic exercise, do not burn as many calories as other routines. Therefore, if what you’re looking to lose weight it is best to combine the practice of Pilates and other exercises such as walking, running or biking. enter the weblog to see more techniques for weight loss pilates .

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